Photog by Peter Vidani
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Thoughts and a Prayer for New Yorkers Following Bloomberg’s Speech on Hurricane Irene

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the 13th richest man in the United States, gave a speech to the city this morning two hours before New York Governor Cuomo ordered the city to shut down its public mass transportation system for the first time in its history. According to the US Census, there are over eight million people in New York City, and yet, two hours before the mass transit system that the majority of those people rely on, Bloomberg only ordered 370,000 people to leave as part of a first time ever mandatory NYC evacuation. The Guardian is already reporting that New Yorkers are “panic buying” at NYC stores.

In his speech, it was almost as if Bloomberg was trying to incite mass panic. He’s saying they might shut down power due to salt water. He’s mentioning that NYC only has shelter for 70,000 people, but that doesn’t mean they have 70,000 beds. He’s mentioning that not leaving is illegal, then saying things like, “We’re not trying to punish people. We’re trying to protect them.” Telling people to walk if they have to? Pushing this many people out into congested streets, elderly people, single moms with kids?? I wouldn’t want to make a run for it with my kids under those conditions! “How can I get out of Coney Island? What am I going to do? Run with this walker?” said 82-year-old Coney Islander Abe Feinstein. And what if you had nowhere else to go? “Nobody’s going to get fined. Nobody’s going to jail. But if you don’t follow this, people might die,” Bloomberg said. Oh, okay, I’m sure that takes a load off of people’s minds that they might not have to pay $500 or spend three months in jail, but THEY JUST MIGHT DIE INSTEAD. Awesome. Keep in mind, this speech is a mere two hours before they cut off everyone’s main source of transportation in one of the biggest cities in the United States.

As Youtube user “theeastwatch,” who resides in NY, pointed out in a video he uploaded Friday, August 26, hurricane Gloria hit NYC in 1985 and they didn’t do all this stuff. In fact, he points out that bad weather hits NY all the time. Katrina can’t be the reason, because NYC had a major snowstorm earlier this year and they didn’t do anything at all! And Gloria was a category 2 hurricane, one category worse than Irene is now and it hasn’t even made it up to New York yet. During that storm, only one person died, and they didn’t do all the stuff Bloomberg and the media is doing now to basically incite mass hysteria in a small, congested space with a whole bunch of people who will have a really hard time getting out.

Other politicians and the mainstream media are in full-swing to do their dirty parts, such as Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell calling Irene “The Storm of the Lifetime” according to multiple media outlet sources online. Go ahead, Google it. It’s everywhere.  A category 1 hurricane is now the “storm of a lifetime?” How is that exactly?? Is Gov. McDonnell referring to newborns who simply haven’t been alive long enough to have witnessed a storm?? Or The Guardian proclaiming “Hurricane Irene threatens to plunge US east coast into major power blackout.” That could happen, but they are making it sound like a category 1 hurricane is going to show up and plunge the eastern half of the modern world into the dark ages.  

Or how about the fact that President Obama declared New York a state of emergency with DHS and FEMA running in on Friday, but according to reports, he didn’t declare Virgina, a state logistically in the hurricane’s path first and when Irene is presumably stronger until SATURDAY MORNING?! WTF?

There’s a bigger agenda here, a reason this mass panic is necessary. Something is going to get overlooked, at least, that’s what it seems they are hoping. But what? Could it have something to do with Bernanke and the Fed keeping mum in their speech on Friday about the economic crisis this country is in? If they are pulling a QEIII, they’ll do it anyway, with or without letting us know. As Greenspan said on August 9th, we can always print more money. The Federal Reserve (which is neither “federal” nor a reserve) knows it is above the law. Could it be the very rare 5.9 earthquake that hit Virginia (and the DC area) eight miles from a power plant last week? Could it be that they know something the rest of the world and modern meteorological science doesn’t?

My prayer and hope goes out to the people of New York and the East Coast during this tough time. May they maintain their humanity, civility, and dignity as Irene approaches. I wish for their safety in this hour of need from any force that might wish them harm—natural…and man-made.

Melissa M.