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EPA Forces Chloramine in Water: Why Isn’t Anyone Upset by This?!

The EPA is announcing that Tulsa, OK will become the latest city forced to add chloramine to the public drinking water. Just one question: WHY AREN’T PEOPLE UPSET BY THIS?!

The story posted below does not give a reason why chloramine—that’s chlorine mixed with ammonia—is being added to the public drinking water in yet another American city. I guess the EPA can just put whatever dangerous, deadly chemicals they want in water (which only makes up 80% of our bodies, so no big) and people will JUST DRINK IT WITHOUT QUESTION. After all, it’s only the government, and they always have our best interests at heart, right?

Another wonderful addition is the clause that it is only harmful to people who care for fish and those requiring dialysis! If you are already on dialysis, don’t drink the chloramine water (they have you where they want you); if you aren’t on dialysis, you probably will be AFTER YOU DRINNK THE CHLORAMINED (read: “chloraminated”) WATER!

Would you pour a nice cold glass of Lysol and drink that too? Do we not already have enough chemicals being forced into our water supply in the U.S.? Water fluoridation has been proven time and again in recent decades to be quite dangerous and bad for people’s health in a myriad of lovely, life-reducing ways. It calcifies the pineal gland, it can cause bone cancers and brain cancers, and Nazis used to add it to the water supplies of concentration camps to keep the unfortunate prisoners there docile so they would not attempt escape. Now the EPA is adding more nasty stuff to the water.

Please people. Beyond simply buying yourself a reverse-osmosis water filter, should we also not QUESTION THE SYSTEM on exactly *why* we need to consume all of these nasty chemicals on a daily basis? Oh, and don’t forget—you and your family are bathing in it too.


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